P h i l o s o p h y

The philosophy of my work is based on the concept of different memories. Each painting represents a territory where I superimposed paint, pictures, engraved or painted words and dates.

Painting is a way for me to reproduce a palimpsest, both personnal and universal. I use the collage by assembling my own photographs with images from recent or old magazines. I like this idea of different times that overlap, imbricate and answer each other. It is just like linking the past and the present, mixing traditional painting and the contemporary visual world.

I talk about different trips : travels through time, space and spirituality with recurring symbols such as the scale, the tree and the staircase. I keep talking about the act of remembering by engraving the painting, just as children would mark their own initials on the tree trunks.

Space is structured in a very clear and geometric order to make room for feelings. It is a way of recreating the world by repositioning the cardinal points and the Earth and Heaven.

I often incorporate a personnal text of which I distort the writing so as to make it unreadable. The textuality of my paintings is used to confirm the presence of meaning and allows the beginning of understanding.

My paintings are about our memories, those which go back up to the origins of humanity, those which reveal ourselves beautiful and childlike in the depths of our souls, which we keep when we have forgotten everything …
Perhaps the memory of a Lost Paradise ?